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07 Th01, 2019

YG EntertainmentYG와이지K-popiKON아이콘B.I김진환송윤형BOBBY김동혁구준회정찬우JinhwanYunhyeongDonghyukJu-neChanwooiKONICNewKidsRepackage아이콘 리패키지iKON REPACKAGEIMOKiKON IMOK

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NHẬN XÉT 111 547
Bangtan Junior
Bangtan Junior Giờ trước
Who can tell me when ikon comeback stage with their new song?
silverrex Giờ trước
Anyone know why don't they promote this song at music shows?
Shandrina putri
Shandrina putri Giờ trước
I like this song..
wow😍 Giờ trước
Top music!!!!!!!
Tint Chen
Tint Chen Giờ trước
I know the vi3ws are not increasing much. Not every iKONIC is free. They might be busy or have something important. They may be having a hard time. Please don't describe them as lazy. They are also living their life so we can't expect everyone to come watch the M/V. Those who have a break or free time will str3am as much as we can. Fighting everyone. Slowly but surely we will reach our goal.
Kpop_ fictions
Kpop_ fictions Giờ trước
EXO Saranghayeo
EXO Saranghayeo Giờ trước
Trending in pakistan
Aestaethicc Giờ trước
0:25 clearly I do have to mind boi theres blood running down your face :'( don't worry I'm coming
BLINKONICs Is My Life Giờ trước
I K O N Ikon
iKON IM OK 01/17 9:55PM KST:11,792,361 01/18 9:55PM KST:12,153,026 Today views:360,665
N'jink Channel
N'jink Channel Giờ trước
Ikonic plz Just focus on killing me to 100m and im ok!
Vy Vy
Vy Vy Giờ trước
Any IConic from Vietnam ?
Princessa ike
Princessa ike Giờ trước
Don'r worry about views, we here to hear this perfect song ❤️
Jenky Incenzo
Jenky Incenzo 2 giờ trước
Nguyen Hamy
Nguyen Hamy 2 giờ trước
hathaichanok nootuan
hathaichanok nootuan 2 giờ trước
Swagsi K
Swagsi K 2 giờ trước
ikonic like 👍🏼❤️
Cute Channel
Cute Channel 2 giờ trước
You ok,im not ok :)
kajjafeluv pjm
kajjafeluv pjm 2 giờ trước
kimhanbinana where are you
Truc Nguyen
Truc Nguyen 2 giờ trước
9 cloudy
9 cloudy 2 giờ trước
왜 난 가사가 너무 마음에 와닿지......ㅠㅠ...
Byeol_ 00
Byeol_ 00 2 giờ trước
But i'm not ok
makesureya 2 giờ trước
Aplogy + killing me 🔥🔥🔥
Truc Nguyen
Truc Nguyen 2 giờ trước
Deviartini Asih
Deviartini Asih 2 giờ trước
i will do. we can💪
Manar k
Manar k 2 giờ trước
After listening this song I remembered all the sad memories that happened to me It feels so pure and relaxed 🙌💚💚
aisah fauzi
aisah fauzi 2 giờ trước
Love them💎🍻
Như Như
Như Như 3 giờ trước
Quocduan Lam
Quocduan Lam 3 giờ trước
I love you song
Azzahra Nur Azizah
Azzahra Nur Azizah 3 giờ trước
Kitty Girl
Kitty Girl 3 giờ trước
Any ikonicsss on Philippines♥
py4n 3 giờ trước
Work hard ikon
py4n 3 giờ trước
I like it
Vix '
Vix ' 3 giờ trước
IM Ok jones Ye Ye Ah
Cassy Cassy
Cassy Cassy 3 giờ trước
How can we make the views reach 15m when other fans are too lazy to stream 😑
Song Hanbin
Song Hanbin 3 giờ trước
angel zeth jaminal
angel zeth jaminal 3 giờ trước
Ikon is nice voice go ikon
Agam Anggawan
Agam Anggawan 3 giờ trước
Who likes music content & sharing music tutorials, please visit and subscribe to my channel. Thank you 🙏
Jasmine Hovhannisyan
Jasmine Hovhannisyan 3 giờ trước
Blinks are here to help Iconics❤️ We can stream together!!!
NF A 3 giờ trước
same here
Song Hanbin
Song Hanbin 3 giờ trước
Thankyou..our sister...😊
Airin Z
Airin Z 3 giờ trước
thank uu, ily blink💚
BbyDCJJ Nunaaa
BbyDCJJ Nunaaa 3 giờ trước
Jasmine Hovhannisyan thank u Blinks 😘❤️❤️❤️
Dhila Rahmalia
Dhila Rahmalia 3 giờ trước
In the best
manar Souli
manar Souli 3 giờ trước
Owwhh guys i like it too much chukkae your succes 😍😍😍😍😍💕💕
iKON Is Everything
iKON Is Everything 3 giờ trước
*Go watch Bling Bling and make sure to like the MV, let make it get 1M likes*
Monica g
Monica g 4 giờ trước
hi song is so catchy the chorus is stuck in my head
I STAN ART 4 giờ trước
uhm.itscabeyo 4 giờ trước
Jesus why is this amazing song only on 12M, ik vi3ws dont matter but so many ppl are missing out on this masterpiece
iKON Is Everything
iKON Is Everything 4 giờ trước
uhm.itscabeyo This is unpromoted song and only iKONICS are promoting it and we're not a big fandom to boost the views, just share this to your friend it will be a help to us 😊
esha gr
esha gr 4 giờ trước
anh trần
anh trần 4 giờ trước
Song yunhyeong
Dian Nopitasari
Dian Nopitasari 4 giờ trước
Caira Pajarillo
Caira Pajarillo 4 giờ trước
Park Chanyeol
Park Chanyeol 4 giờ trước
iKonic from Indonesia?
Jade Gab
Jade Gab 4 giờ trước
Fans from France 🇫🇷 !
Jade Gab
Jade Gab 4 giờ trước
I’m not ok 😕
Jamie 14
Jamie 14 4 giờ trước
Keep trending ikonic Malaysia 🤗
Kian Athirah
Kian Athirah 5 giờ trước
산뚜[음악시간] 5 giờ trước
12M wow!
Officially Princess
Officially Princess 5 giờ trước
i play this song whenever im not okay but the song title is im ok, ok
Miss Wan
Miss Wan 5 giờ trước
Still trending #15 in Malaysia 👏❤️ Good job IKONICs Malaysia..
laurmilalisa 97
laurmilalisa 97 5 giờ trước
Melon Coconut
Melon Coconut 5 giờ trước
zea daniella
zea daniella 5 giờ trước
EXOL for IKONIC... I'm OK...
a.r.m.y love
a.r.m.y love 5 giờ trước
💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚 💚💚❤❤💚❤❤💚 💚❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ 💚❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ 💚💚❤❤❤❤❤💚 💚💚💚❤❤❤💚💚 💚💚💚💚❤💚💚💚 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚
Gais Gam
Gais Gam 5 giờ trước
I'm here cause park woojin said in his vlive that this is a good song, and i think this is really good song❤
Natalie Cheah
Natalie Cheah 5 giờ trước
The lyrics..😢😢 I wanna stan them! hope i aint late 😍😍
ma Baduria
ma Baduria 2 giờ trước
if you have time pls watch iKON TV 🙂💗
iKON Is Everything
iKON Is Everything 4 giờ trước
Listen to their other songs especially Bling Bling 😊
memi hews
memi hews 4 giờ trước
Welcome dear 😊
Miss Wan
Miss Wan 5 giờ trước
Hello n welcom🙋‍♀️❤️ Tqvm for your support..
Lidia Ndut
Lidia Ndut 6 giờ trước
Wow 😍
Jerry Law
Jerry Law 6 giờ trước
hi unun 👋🏽
Sukma Mukti
Sukma Mukti 6 giờ trước
I love this song:)
lala haha
lala haha 6 giờ trước
So deep
Eltrit Bima Fitrian
Eltrit Bima Fitrian 6 giờ trước
Thank you for loving iKON🧡❤️
Daiva Rima
Daiva Rima 6 giờ trước
D_ welin
D_ welin 6 giờ trước
Wahh masih trending kat Malaysia 👏 boleh tahan group ni
Wayurada Kaiyasit
Wayurada Kaiyasit 6 giờ trước
TripleONE _
TripleONE _ 6 giờ trước
12M ✅
Lian Darkside
Lian Darkside 6 giờ trước
i think ikon loves playing with fire😆
Aylin Schade
Aylin Schade 6 giờ trước
I don’t get the symbolism of the driver driving while looking at the roof of the car yet (when BI was riding in the back of the car) so I’m just going to giggle at it
una 11
una 11 6 giờ trước
Im not a fan of ikon but i repeat this song more than 20x 😂
Don't sub please!!!
Don't sub please!!! 7 giờ trước
nah, i'm ok.
asri andayani
asri andayani 7 giờ trước
13 k disslike...? i'm questioning their taste..hmmm
hanbin omma
hanbin omma 7 giờ trước
keep on streaming guys
Song Hanbin
Song Hanbin 7 giờ trước
Hanbin's new song is fairytale...you can see on his instagram update ...😍the folder is solo..and there's double b folder to..but the main folder title 'this is fucking music'😂lol
Ghie Estrella
Ghie Estrella 7 giờ trước
콘초코 7 giờ trước
와...지난이 외모실홥니까...ㅠㅜ너무 이뽀ㅜ
Memo Le
Memo Le 7 giờ trước
This song is underrated
iKON Is Everything
iKON Is Everything 4 giờ trước
Memo Le This is an unpromoted song and just a gift song but we're doing our best to promote it.
Marouma MBG
Marouma MBG 7 giờ trước
This song makes me remember every single struggle I m going through all the sad events and the insecurities but it s not a bad thing tho coz it makes me strong it makes me reflect on how I overcome it all alone thank you ikon for making such a relatable song I m your big fan since 2015 but your latest releases are just so emotional and touch the heart
Ika Nisa Lestari
Ika Nisa Lestari 7 giờ trước
ju-ne is my brother no.1,b.i is my best friend,jay is my boyfriend,d.k is my brother no.2,chan is my uncle,song is my father,bobby is my husband 😂😂😂
Salsa Indrasari
Salsa Indrasari 4 giờ trước
+araesung ii hi.. emm last time i sent you my apologize. Perhaps you saw it? I'm so sorry for replying your comment bout str3eam thingy. I guess i crossed the line as i knew you didnt mean anyharms into the boys and the fandom. That careless behavior of mine really bother me since i knew you're one of a very little ikonic who very active in this yt platform. I'm so sorry and please reply juseyooo😥
Ika Nisa Lestari
Ika Nisa Lestari 7 giờ trước
of course *araesung ii* jinan the most handsome and cute in IKON of me 😙😙
Ika Nisa Lestari
Ika Nisa Lestari 7 giờ trước
ah yeah i forgot to write bobby 😅😅😅
araesung ii
araesung ii 7 giờ trước
I got tht your bias is Jinan😅
araesung ii
araesung ii 7 giờ trước
Becci Lumina
Becci Lumina 7 giờ trước
First tone… epic song; I’m speechless. 😭😭 More than 13.000 people have no idea about anything
memi hews
memi hews 4 giờ trước
magic shop
magic shop 7 giờ trước
I just gotta say, I LOVE IKON ❤
memi hews
memi hews 4 giờ trước
Thanks dear 😊
Ika Nisa Lestari
Ika Nisa Lestari 7 giờ trước
Ika Nisa Lestari
Ika Nisa Lestari 7 giờ trước
Chloe Dreyar The Ice Dragon Slayer
iKONics from WIN era anyone?❤️❤️❤️ so proud of boys who came this far!
phia brzt
phia brzt 8 giờ trước
Nanthida Soukpasert
Nanthida Soukpasert 8 giờ trước
Love I kon❤❤
A Ninja
A Ninja 8 giờ trước
junhoe's voice im-
ROBLYKEIL 8 giờ trước
Anaïs Poinsenet
Anaïs Poinsenet 8 giờ trước
Get a group who can do both style : Bling Bling, B-Day, Anthem and on the other side : Apology, I’m okay
Thana Rama
Thana Rama 8 giờ trước
I'm ok is trending 15# in Malaysia.. Army here let's do this.. Fighting💪
Im ONCE an iKONIC ARMY 8 giờ trước
*im not ok Juneeeeeeya!*
용하나 Yonghana
용하나 Yonghana 8 giờ trước
iKON FIGHTING💪 I COVERED this song. Thank you for visiting my channel❤️
pahiraadijaya Pahiraadijaya
i love ikon 😘
Onii ò‿ó chan
Onii ò‿ó chan 8 giờ trước
The music is superb but am I the only one who think there's something destroted b/w *I'M OK* line
Pallasan Droid
Pallasan Droid 8 giờ trước
Nae ilcheoreom jakku gaseumi ttwieo
JamaicaRondez JamaicaRondez
I'm pretty sure this song will win song of the year on 2019......HOPE SO...iKONIC LETS WISH FOR iKON
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